App Usage

Can I listen to songs when I am offline?

Unfortunately this is not possible. In order for us to provide you with free music we had to sacrifice offline playback to ensure the app remains legal. However you can add your own MP3’s into your Dropbox and link this up with Musictrax. When you do this you can download your MP3’s from Dropbox and listen to them when you don’t have an internet connection.

I paid to remove adverts from the app, but why have adverts begun reappearing?

If you have paid to remove adverts from the app and you are still seeing adverts, it is easy for you to fix this. Go to the Settings section in the app and press Restore Purchases. Follow the onscreen prompts and you will no longer see adverts.

Why do all of the songs on Musictrax skip and not play?

Every few months we must update our app to comply with YouTube’s new features. Before we update the app every song in your library is likely to just skip rather than play. When this happens, we will aim to update the app as quickly as possible. Just keep your eyes on the App Store updates section.

Why do a few of my songs skip and not play?

Occasionally some songs on YouTube expire or they are edited. When this happens you must delete the song from your library/playlist and re-add the song to your library through the search section.